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ILLAM HERITAGE PARK is the Project which has designed in 16 Acres Land area with Interlock Road (7 Meter Width), Solar Street Lights, ‘Thamarakulam’, ‘Nakshtha Vanam’, Traditionally Designed Padipura, Common Compound Wall for entire Project, Security System, and Meditation Centre etc. Out of 16 Acres, almost 6 Acres, we kept for Common Amenities like what we explained just above. Obviously say, these common amenities which are all under-progress and those will be completed within a short time. Perhaps, we are the only Property Developers & Investment Obtainers among others in the world, who could provide 40% of their Project Area for Common Amenities. Certainly this is our intention as VALUE ADDITION to our respected Investment based Customers and which will enable our customers to re-sale their investment base Land Area in this Project at 200% on their Investment value within a short time period. In this project, 30 traditional style villas (2 types) having total construction area of 34,000 sq ft being constructed at Akathethara, near Malampuzha. n ILLAM Project, we have plotted the balance 10 Acres as 5 to 10 Cents and Out of 100 Plots around 20 Plots; we decided to do VILLA Constructions. These Construction segments’ are consists of 1,100 Sqfts to 1,700 Sqfts. Time-being almost all the Constructions are at Final Stage and READY TO OCCUPY. Out of 15 Constructions, only one Villas is available for sale at the moment

1. One Society in a safely surrounded Padippura & Compound Wall.
2. Very highly widened Interlocked Road in front of all Plots.
3. Thamarakulam.
4. Nakshthra Vanam.
5. Solar Street Lights will equalize Municipal or Corporation Roads.
6. Security Personnel Deployment.
7. Traditional Padippura.
8. Meditation Centre.
9. Very easy accessibility to a well-equipped hospital (SAI NURSING HOME).
10. Temple, Church & Mosque are very near to our prestigious Project.
11. Very quick accessibility to “RAILWAY STATION, MALAMPUZHA DAM, FANTASY PARK”.

1. A feeling of living in a Township can be emerged due to the Project based living.
2. Traffic Free Road Zone can be utilized (Particularly for Morning Walk in a Air Polluted Free Environment).
3. Limited Road Users inside Project Road due to privacy can provide ‘Healthy Atmosphere’.
4. Easy and Convenient Municipal Shopping facility within 5 Kilometers.
5. Comfort Living Atmosphere in a Glorious Traditional Concept.
1. Feel the Living, in a Safe Atmosphere.
2. Healthy Life can be improved and maintained.
3. Helps to avoid ‘Tension Free Life in Security’ due to Guardian based back support from us.
4. Can be avoided ‘Time Spending’ to search for a Living Area with all conveniences because we provide all anticipated conveniences, facilities under one roof.
5. Multi-Religious Culture as well as Individual Religious existence are the exclusive beneficial aspects in future.

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